In addition to producing existing plays, De Theater BV also creates its own original shows. These shows are available to other professionals in The Netherlands and abroad, semi-professionals and amateur companies. All titles are available at market rates. For more information, please contact our general e-mail address: .

The following titles are available:

A life together


Script and song texts:
Allard Blom

Ad van Dijk

Number of actors:
four, 2F/2M

Original playing period:
September 3, 2020 -
December 5, 2020

Available from:
February 1, 2021
  A life together
When you meet eachtother every day anew

Ina and Julius fall for each other; enormously so. But they are too different, unfortunately you rarely get it the way you want in this life. He is a draftsman and a free spirit, she wants a family. They each go their own ways, start relationships, but the desire remains... When the craving to see each other gets too strong, they find solutions. Then they get old. Ina develops dementia and has to go into a care home. As it turns out, Julius is there already. Now they are slowly starting to say goodbye. A sound, a smell, a sentence tears their joint lives from the mist of the past. They meet for the first time every morning. They share the highs and lows of their life together. They argue. They have endless conversations and heated discussions. And they fall in love. And every night they say goodbye and each one forgets the other. To fall in love again the following day.
Available materials:   • script
• vocal score
• orchestral tapes
Productions:   • The Netherlands / 2020 / national tour / 66 shows